Ai Powered Drone Fused with LiDAR, Spectral, Thermal and GPR Sensors for Mine Detection and Mapping.

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The FAiNDER is an Ai Powered mine-detecting, surveying and mapping solution that takes place entirely from an industrial drone, ensuring not only the safety of personnel, but also high accuracy mapping of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in record time. FAiNDER uses a groundbreaking form of artificial perception that fuses GPR, HSI, LiDAR, FLIR, Gradiometer, Magnameter, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to deliver unprecedented advancements in identification, plotting and motion planning for the FAiNDER and autonomous UAV’s.

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Technology / Ai

Technology / Ai

FAiNDER combines the world’s first agile GPR, pre-fused with MillWave, LiDAR and embedded Ai to create software-definable and extensible hardware that can dynamically adapt to real-time demands. By enabling intelligent prioritization and interrogation, the FAiNDER can target and identify objects within a scene more effectively than ever before.

The Problem

The Problem

Antipersonnel landmines are weapons that cannot discriminate between a civilian or a soldier, and wind up killing and maiming civilians long after a conflict. The 1997 Mine Ban Treaty comprehensively bans the use, production, stockpiling, and transfer of antipersonnel mines, and requires states to destroy their stockpiles and clear all mined areas. A total of 164 states have joined the Mine Ban Treaty and are making progress in achieving a mine-free world.

The Solution

The Solution

Our FAiNDER product is the first of a new generation of UAVs using the AIPOD integration system which enables Data Visualizations from a range of best in class sensors fused to activate intelligent artificial perception, in real-time.

Every day someone is killed and maimed by landmines long after wars are over

Mine/ERW casualties by age

pie-1 Created with Sketch. Child Adult 42% 58%

Mine/ERW casualties by sex

2 Created with Sketch. Male Female 84% 16%


people have been killed and maimed by anti-personnel mines.


people a day, or around one person every fifteen minutes


people a year become victims


children are severely disabled because of land mines.

Countries Around the World Affected by Landmines

Contaminated with landmines and/or unexploaded devices
Mines actively used by both state and non-state armed groups
Landmines used by non-state armed groups

Key Features

001-drone Created with Sketch.

Drone based solution

Minimize risk to personnel
​Identify mines for clearance much quicker than any other method

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W100 Ai CORE

Trained and built for high accuracy identification of mines

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Advance technology and engineering allows us to develop the first Ground Penetrating Radar that can be operated from a drone for this purpose.

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Precision dual Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and mmwave Altitude control together with stable flight, proprietary Artificial Intelligence allow for Credal's very accurate mine-detecting solution.

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